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71.00 57.00

Raised Indoor Planter
design: Jiří Pelcl | firma Plastia

Urbalive planters are ideally suited for interiors as well as roofed terraces. They are a great fit for indoor plants, flowers, herbs, and small vegetables. Leading Czech designer Jiří Pelcl developed its modern design that combines wood and plastic.

The principle of self-irrigation
Self-irrigation container is a system of two parts, where the lower part serves as a reservoir of water, in the upper part there is a substrate with plants. Water is supplied to the substrate by textile wick. When the plants are larger, their roots will grow down and therefore can take the water themselves. The air gap between the floors provides the necessary air supply to the roots. Thanks to this principle, plants have just as much water as they need.

dimensions: height 77 cm | width 50,5 cm | depth 38 cm
material: plastic + wood
weight: 5,5 kg

The package includes: wick, upper and lower floor of the growing vessel, 4 screws and 4 wooden legs