Balance black bowl


Adéla has been in the field of interior design and architecture since 2004. She strives to find and create the perfect key element that fits just right into her designs. Her source of inspiration are people’s background stories and context. She currently works as an architect at a Czech firm based in Prague.

Deelive’s balance bowl, designed by Adéla, is inspired by her own original collection REZneREZ from 2008, which plays with the harmony between material and balance.

They say it is important to find a balance in a life. We have found it and really, the bowl Balance is something you need in Your life. Beautiful feather light object made out of two hemispheres in a way that it look as if it is about to topple over, but its shape would not enable it, as if it would be vulnerable but because of powder coating it is incredibly durable. You gotta get it.