Kokon earring
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Lucie Houdková graduated from the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague. She started her studies at the Kov a Šperk Studio under the guidance of Academic Sculptor V. K. Novák and finished her studies in the studio of K.O.V. (Concept, object, meaning) under the guidance of doc. Evy Eisler. She comes from Brno but lives and works in Prague. She is a co-founder of the creative, artistic group Unosto that has been active since 2011 and which brings together important Czech jewelers.

She designs and creates jewelry / objects that can be considered as artworks. She uses classic materials such as silver and gold. In most cases, however, materials are also unusual like plastic tapes, paper, silicones. She says about herself: “I’ve been working on jewelry since my childhood. It’s a game and an experiment for me. “

The collection of Lucie Houdková’s jewelery has been inspired by natural forms in recent years. The author, playfully and with an infallible sense of handmade work, creates organic shapes that grew from the natural world to modern times. Her jewels are original objects that make up the personality of her wearer.