Would you like to buy a pair of gloves in the deelive eshop and need to find out the right size?

The hands look perfect only in well-fitting gloves.
The size of the gloves is extremely important.

The basis of a precise and close-fitting cut of leather gloves is an accurate and detailed measurement of your hand. The size of the glove indicates the length of the circumference of the hand over the slightly arched joints. For the measurement, we use a measuring tape, string or paper strip, which we wrap around the fist of the right hand over slightly arched joints, without the thumb. We transfer the measured circumference of the hand to the glove scale and the indicated length gives us the size of the glove.

Here are some hints to make size measurement accurate:

  • Follow the table below for values in centimeters (cm).
  • Convert the measured hand circumference in cm to the size of gloves.
  • You can measure a hand circumference of 20 cm, which corresponds to the size 7.5 “in the table. The correct glove size according to this example is 7.5 ”.
  • Follow the table to convert the measured hand circumference in centimeters to glove size.
Dámské velikosti = Women's sizes
Pánské velikosti = Men's sizes
centimetry = centimeters
velikost rukavic = glove size