interiér deelive design store

Deelive design store is one of the largest Czech design stores in Central Europe. It is strategically located in the SmetanaQ building in the heart of Prague near the National Theatre and Charles Bridge, with a beautiful view of Prague Castle. A special place has been created here as a meeting point for people, who are interested in art, culture and design.

The unique space of the deelive design store offers its visitors a unique experience of getting to know the product, its distinctive story and at the same time the opportunity to learn more about the work and craft of individual designers. On an area of ​​almost 200 m2 you will find a living space with a selection of applied design and interior products - interior accessories and decorations, glass, porcelain and ceramics. Special space is reserved for the “fashion room”, where women's and men's fashion, fashion accessories, handbags or backpacks are represented. A large part of the presentation is also devoted to jewellery.

Deelive focuses on the best of local design scene. From the newly introduced innovations, to icons of Czech design.

The deelive design store also offers its own products, which it presents under the deelive brand. Deelive interior equipment and accessories are unique in their workmanship and attention to detail. They were created in cooperation with established Czech designers of the domestic scene.

There are also many beautiful little design pleasures to remind you of the unique time spent in deelive. Books, art photography and graphics extend the intention to bring the client a versatile experience. If you have your specific wish you can arrange a tailor-made product here or use our deelive consultation. The deelive design store is an ideal place to draw inspiration from the stories, that our products tell.

„Deelive breathes life into design and brings design into life.“